About Aubilities

“If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”


The neurodiverse are fantastically unique, with their own abilities and superpowers. Supported in the right way, these abilities can relish in brilliance or even border genius, but unsupported, their abilities can fail to shine.

Autism affects an estimated 29 million people globally, with the rates of diagnosis on the rise. However, people with autism are still under-represented in employment. Research tells us many face barriers in employers’ understanding of autism and are not fully supported in the workplace. This means people with autism are less likely to apply to open positions and employers are missing out on truly reaching a diverse workforce and benefitting from the value that this group of people have to offer.

Globally, many people on the spectrum are not in full time paid employment. This is approximately 84% in the UK, 85% in the US, and about 86% in Canada and so on, despite an estimated 75% of people on the spectrum wanting to work.

It is in this truth that Aubilities was born

Aubilities stands for ‘Autism + Abilities’, because although we accept the label “disabilities”, we’d rather different abilities.

Through our services we aim to improve the representation of the neurodivergent in the workforce (specifically those on the autistic spectrum), while creating value for organisations and helping the autistic community in finding meaningful employment.


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