“If you’ve met one autistic person, you’ve met one autistic person.”

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Neurodivergent people are fantastically unique, with their own abilities and superpowers. Supported in the right way, these abilities can relish in brilliance or even border genius, but unsupported, their abilities can fail to shine.

Neurodiversity affects an estimated 1 in 7 people, with the rates of diagnosis on the rise. However, neurodivergent people are still under-represented in employment. Research tells us many face barriers in employers’ understanding of neurodiversity and are not fully supported in the workplace. This means neurodivergent people are less likely to apply to open positions and employers are missing out on reaching a truly diverse workforce and benefitting from the value of neurodivergent and specialist thinking.

Globally, many people with disabilities, including non-visible disabilities, are under-represented in the workforce, more so than any other disability group.

It is in this truth that Aubilities was born

Aubilities stands for ‘All Abilities’, putting 'u' in the centre. We advocate for the ‘neurodivergent network’ made up of neurodivergent individuals, allies, parents and carers.

Through our services we aim to improve the representation of neurodivergent people in the workforce, while creating value for organisations and helping the neurodivergent community in finding meaningful and supported employment.

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We are honoured to be working with organisations progressing the neurodiversity and neuro-inclusion agendas.

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Crowdstrike | Empowering Neurodiversity
Accessibe | Empowering Neurodiversity
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Play n Go | Empowering Neurodiversity
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Drumgrange | Making the invisible, visible
Accessibe | Empowering Neurodiversity
Durham University | Empowering Neurodiversity
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Colt | Making the invisible, visible
Lexxic | Empowering Neurodiversity


We are privileged to have such a wealth of knowledge and experience from our Strategic, SME & Operations Advisory teams as well as our Co-production board and neurodivergent community.

Our Services

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Strategic Advisory

Steve Dineen | Making the invisible, visible Ronan Stack | Making the invisible, visible Saif Kidwai | Making the invisible, visible Ian Saunders | Making the invisible, visible Zoey Wurfel | Making the invisible, visible


Executive Board

Ritu Kiran | Making the invisible, visible Jeffery DeJong | Making the invisible, visible Macaulay Trenchard | Making the invisible, visible


SME & Operations Advisory

David Wise | Making the invisible, visible Neil Raithatha | Making the invisible, visible Adam Meek | Making the invisible, visible Dr Rachel Gow | Making the invisible, visible
Dr Rachel Taylor | Making the invisible, visible Dr Max Lowenstein | Making the invisible, visible Neil Glasgow | Making the invisible, visible Raoul Cheema | Making the invisible, visible


Co-Production Board

Jacki Edry | Making the invisible, visible Reena Anand | Making the invisible, visible Mark Palmer | Making the invisible, visible Keran Dhillon | Making the invisible, visible
Niraj Shah | Making the invisible, visible Shelley Gates | Making the invisible, visible Thomas Henley | Making the invisible, visible Zoe-Jane Littlewood | Making the invisible, visible


Neurodivergent Community

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Supporting Charities

Whilst we’re committed to advocating the topic of neurodiversity within organisations and educational settings, our services can only extend so far. To enable more change and go beyond acceptance to help neurodivergent people thrive in today’s societal world, we’ve teamed up with “Resources for Autism”, a charity devoted to helping autistic people and their families in a range of specialist services, preparing them for everyday life.

We work with Resources for Autism on a range of projects in a collective mission to improve opportunities for neurodivergent people.

Our Services


Raoul Cheema

Aubilities welcomes Raoul Cheema to our SME and Operations Advisory team.

Raoul graduated from the Uni of Notts BA Hons in Finance, Accounting and Management, an experienced Sales Exec 10 years selling SAAS. Raoul is a keen sportsman and the topic of neurodiversity and mental health are topics he is very passionate about, together with helping and ensuring that disadvantaged people get the opportunities and support they need and require to be successful in this world.


Dr Max Lowenstein

Aubilities welcomes Dr Max Lowenstein to our SME and Operations Advisory team.

Dr Max Lowenstein is a law academic, with an expertise in equality (disability) law. His lived experience includes, autistic spectrum condition, generalized anxiety disorder and depression, as disabilities. He openly acknowledges them to all and thereby passionately works with others to help to remove mental health (autism) stigma, via his educational neuro-disability (autism) awareness and support talks. He is an advocate for accessible and inclusive disability services and workplaces for all with autistic spectrum condition. His legal expertise beyond law specifically assists autistic people with employment, educational and publishing enquiries. Max is committed to equality & diversity in the UK workplace and his consultancy promotes equality & diversity rights in the UK and globally for all.


Neil Glasgow

Aubilities welcomes Neil Glasgow to our SME and Operations Advisory team.

Neil Glasgow is a seasoned Talent Development Lead with an extensive portfolio of work across multinational corporations and some of the world's largest employers. Neil places a particular emphasis on supporting Neurodivergent (ND) communities, a subject close to his heart due to his own ADHD and Dyslexia diagnosis.

Neil is a staunch advocate for cultural change within organisations, consistently promoting the economic and social benefits of nurturing neurodivergent talent. He argues compellingly for the untapped potential within this often-underemployed demographic, presenting it not as a corporate social responsibility but as a business imperative for innovation and competitiveness.

Through his work, Neil aims to shift paradigms, laying the groundwork for a more inclusive and diverse workforce that recognises and leverages the distinct advantages that come with Neurodiversity. In doing so, he serves as a beacon for how to balance pragmatic business needs with an ethical, humane approach to talent development.


Dr Rachel Taylor

Aubilities welcomes Dr Rachel Taylor to our SME and Operations Advisory team.

Dr Rachel is passionate about supporting all who are both neurodiverse and neurotypical to achieve their own best life. She wrote the world's first theory of wellbeing for Autism and is constantly working to cascade the knowledge within it to all who would benefit. Her personal and professional vision is to create a better (and kinder) world, one brain at a time. She works with individuals, groups and companies to achieve this vision. She is a lover of high intensity workouts, Kafka stories and italian coffee, not necessarily in that order.


Dr Rachel Gow

Aubilities welcomes Dr Rachel Gow to our SME and Operations Advisory team.

Rachel V. Gow, Ph.D is a Nutritional Neuroscientist, Neuropsychologist and Neurodevelopmental specialist with expertise in a range of mental health conditions and associative learning and behaviour differences. In addition, Dr Gow is a Registered Nutritionist (under the category of Science).

Collectively, Dr. Gow has approximately 18 years of research and experience in psychological research in child/adolescent and adult clinical populations. Her research integrates multiple modalities including functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging, neuropsychological assessment, genetic sequencing and nutrition/biochemistry.

Dr. Gow has published 22 peer reviewed book chapters and scientific papers. She has extensive knowledge in neurodiverse learning and behavioural differences and the effects of dopamine enhancing brain-selective nutrients.


Steve Dineen – Founder & President, Fuse

Aubilities welcomes Steve Dineen on our Strategic Advisory Team.

Steve is the Founder of Fuse - the enterprise learning platform that ignites people performance through active engagement and positive learning experiences. Steve has long been driven by one clear mission: to democratise education for all through continuous innovation in learning tech.

Steve is a serial tech entrepreneur who, prior to founding Fuse, successfully scaled and sold UK e-learning venture, Fuel - a company that became Europe’s second largest bespoke e-learning company, servicing 40 of the FTSE 100.

Steve’s biggest professional achievement to date?

Founding FuseSchool in 2010 – an educational platform that delivers GCSE-grade education to anyone in the world, for free. Ten years on, Steve is incredibly proud to see this initiative helping 10 million learners around the world every year.


Ronan Stack - Associate Partner, Ernst & Young

Aubilities welcomes Ronan Stack on our Strategic Advisory Team.

Ronan is an Associate Partner in the London office of EY, the global professional services firm and one of the founding four companies for the ‘Autism at Work’ program.

Ronan has worked internationally over the last four decades specialising in the valuation of capital assets. Over this period, Ronan also developed a significant track record in training and developing young people of varying backgrounds, nationalities and abilities into high achieving professionals in the valuation and financial services sectors.

Ronan is a Fellow and member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) global valuation and standards boards and is a technical valuation and surveying author on behalf of professional bodies both in the UK and overseas.

Since 2007, Ronan has been an active supporter of mental health awareness in the workplace and its wider place in society, including training workshops for non-mental health professionals.


Saif Kidwai – Recruitment Entrepreneur, Start-ups Investor

Aubilities welcomes Saif Kidwai on our Strategic Advisory Team.

Saif is one of the Founders of Digital Gurus, a global recruitment company who are now part of the Rethink Group. Having founded the business in London 2008 when he was 23, he was able to successfully build a brand that became one the most well-known specialist digital recruitment agencies around whilst also expanding into MENA and APAC which ultimately led to the sale of the business 8 years later.

He currently manages the business in Dubai, where he also resides. Since then he's also become an active investor and advisor for start-ups around the world encompassing recruitment, ecommerce, fashion and food.


Ian Saunders

Aubilities welcomes Ian Saunders on our Strategic Advisory Team.

Ian Saunders is a career Global Human Resources Professional with over 20 years' experience spanning various leadership roles with specific industry experience in Technology, Financial Services and eCommerce. He has leveraged his degree in Economics to apply analytical critical thinking to the people space, whilst also appreciating the nuance and brilliance enabling individuals to unlock their full potential through experimentation and challenging conventional norms. He is an accredited professional in Human Resources (certified by the HRCI) and licensed as an Executive Coach by Insights®.


Macaulay Trenchard

Aubilities welcomes Macaulay Trenchard as Head of Content.

Macaulay is a multi-award-winning Digital Learning Consultant and Founder of boutique digital learning agency, Rucko. Prior to Rucko, he created digital learning content for large global organisations such as Rentokil Initial, Boeing, and Liberty Global. He now focuses on advising and overseeing the end-to-end process of creating digital learning content, within industries such as: Telecoms, Defence, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, eCommerce, Hospitality and Tourism.

Macaulay is a neurodivergent ally and is passionate about ensuring equal and equitable opportunities for everyone.


Zoey Wurfel

Aubilities welcomes Zoey Wurfel on our Strategic Advisory Team.

Zoey is a passionate neurodiversity advocate, ND Mummy, and ADHD entrepreneur who has founded two successful businesses Wax Connect and Corp Assess.

With a recruitment career spanning 20 years, Zoey was frustrated by poor service in the recruitment industry and set out to make a positive impact. By developing an innovative new recruitment model to maximise value for her partners.

With undiagnosed ADHD during her school years, traditional higher education posed an overwhelming struggle for Zoey. However, making the most of her career in supporting biotech start-ups build international teams, Zoey has recently embarked on a new journey to complete a Masters in Organisational Development.

Zoey is fiercely committed to helping improve acceptance and awareness for the ND communities in the workplace and classroom and has a keen interest in the impact of nutrition and gut health in ADHD and Autism. In addition, Zoey enjoys organizing fundraising events for charities, including YoungMinds, ADHD and Autism Support Org and Cavernoma Alliance.


Jeffery DeJong

Aubilities welcomes Jeffery DeJong as Head of Product.

Jeffery brings more than 25 years of experience designing and developing brands, products and services. He previously provided branding, communications and on-the-ground support for an organisation that cared for abandoned children with disabilities in China. He became involved in the disability sport of boccia, creating a sports management system for the national governing body in England, a scorekeeping app used at international competitions and featured at the National Paralympic Day in London, as well as the design and manufacturing of assistive ramps for BC3 athletes with severe physical disabilities.

Jeffery is passionate about inclusive design and the value of diversity in the workplace.


Adam Meek

Aubilities welcomes Adam Meek to our SME and Operations Advisory team.

Adam has worked in learning for more than 10 years, with the last 6 in learning technology selling, implementing, supporting and building platforms for global organisations.

Being a parent to three girls, two of which are neurodivergent has led to a renewed interest in the area and in particular the under diagnosis of girls.


Ritu Kiran

Ritu Kiran, Founder and CEO of Aubilities.

Ritu enjoyed a corporate career for many years, having started her career working for one of the major global Management Consultancy firms, Accenture. She specialized in HR consulting and HR Tech and worked for several clients and organisations in different industries such as Financial Services, Energy, Telecoms, FMCG, pharmaceuticals and more.

In 2018, her son was diagnosed autistic, she quickly identified a gap in the corporate market of utilizing these talented and specialist thinkers to add business value.

She has published more about her personal journey in the ‘Autism Eye’ UK national magazine. Ritu is also a Trustee Board member for the UK national charity – Resources for Autism.

She has recently been picked up by Jessica Kingsley Publishers and has an impending book launch in 2025 on parenting autistic children.


David Wise

Aubilities welcomes David Wise to our SME and Operations Advisory team.

David has over twenty years experience running commercial partnerships for start ups and Fortune 500 companies in the tech sector, with digital and e-commerce solutions. He has helped organisations grow and scale, through the multiplier effect of partnerships.

He and his wife have a son who was diagnosed autistic in 2014. As a result he has witnessed first hand the challenges and barriers facing neurodiverse children and young adults.


Neil Raithatha

Aubilities welcomes Neil Raithatha to our SME and Operations Advisory team.

An experienced marketer working in blue chip organisations in an international spectrum. Experienced in creatives, campaign management and digital. A passion to support the growth of Aubilities and neurodiversity in the workplace.


Jacki Edry

Aubilities welcomes Jacki Edry on our Co-Production Board.

Jacki Edry recently published her first book "Moving Forward: Reflections on Autism, Neurodiversity, Brain Surgery and Faith" and launched a blog on her website, which focuses on education, inclusion, neurodiversity, and more.

Jacki is a graduate of Hampshire College with an extensive background in education, writing, and marketing. She has been exploring the world of autism and neurodiversity for over thirty-five years, as a professional, parent of neurodivergent children, and as a survivor of complex brain surgery that affected her neurological abilities.

She has spent many years advocating for inclusion programs in the educational system, providing support for families of children with disabilities, and advocating for the inclusion of people with disabilities in society.


Reena Anand

Aubilities welcomes Reena Anand on our Co-Production Board.

A lawyer and former ombudsman specialising in consumer vulnerability and the Equality Act 2010, Reena Anand founded Asian Autism Advocate after her own son was diagnosed with autism and she realised how little representation and bespoke support there was for Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) parents in similar situations.

She created Asian Autism Advocate to recognise cultural and personal biases, stigmas and misconceptions which can impact autistic individuals and their families from BAME backgrounds. Reena delivers talks and workshops to organisations seeking to support their employees who have autistic children and explains the impact of intersectionality particularly with BAME communities.

Reena is also a Trustee at the Race Equality Foundation, a national charity promoting race equality in social and public services.


Mark Palmer

Aubilities welcomes Mark Palmer on our Co-Production Board.

Mark Palmer is an autistic freelance writer specialising in mental health, autism and neurodiversity from his own lived experience. He has worked in the UK civil service for over 30 years, most of the time in the areas of policy and legislation, including drafting many types of documents and delivering presentations and training. Mark can take on almost any kind of writing and copywriting project and will deliver effective results from a different angle.


Keran Dhillon

Aubilities welcomes Keran Dhillon to our Co-Production Board.

Keran Dhillon is a future-focused Business Psychologist and Talent Leader with more than a decade of global experience across various industries. She has enabled HR to maximize their contribution to the business by addressing talent strategies for new ways of work through behavioral science solutions, workforce analytics, and ethical AI tools.

As a trusted leader, she is people and experience-focused, results-orientated, and commercially-minded when delivering innovative talent solutions to attract, assess, engage, and develop future talent. She is also a passionate advocate of neurodiversity and promoting well-being in the workplace to drive performance and retain top talent for today and tomorrow.

On a personal note, Keran has a young neurodivergent son. Her son has taught her that growth is not an easy road but can be beautiful and empowering when you are in the right environment, surrounded by like-minded people who want to make a change for a more neuroinclusive future.


The Autistic Community

Aubilities welcomes members of the neurodivergent community that form part of our team, advising on all of our service lines.

Our neurodivergent community represent the voices of the likes, dislikes, wants and needs of the wider neurodivergent community. These voices are engrained within our products and services to ensure we are accurately representing the neurodivergent community.


Niraj Shah

Aubilities welcomes Niraj Shah on our Co-Production Board.

Currently working as an investment consultant, Niraj is on the autistic spectrum. Niraj has joined the Co-Production board to help workplaces be more neurodiverse inclusive.

Niraj is keen on promoting autism acceptance and the benefits of neurodiversity. Currently, Niraj writes blogs sharing his experiences of being on the autistic spectrum, which has been read by people around the world. Furthermore, Niraj is also part of the Autism Education Trust Young Experts Panel.


Shelley Gates

Aubilities welcomes Shelley Gates on our Co-Production Board.

A professional voice-over artist, Shelley graduated from The University of Salford with first class honours in TV and Radio Production, and in 2021 produced an award nominated documentary focused on autism and working in the media. Upon leaving university she was nominated for the Deans award as a result of her success in her studies and her unrivalled resilience.

Prior to starting university in her late twenties, she managed childrens residential activity centres around Europe, and for a while looked after the recruitment of staff for these, before leaving to work on an activity centre based one of P&O Australia's ships as the Operations Manager. After a two month volunteering trip to Hawaii, she returned to the UK in 2016

Shelley was diagnosed as autistic at 30, and with ADHD at 32. At present she is helping her friend, BBC assistant producer Nick Ransom, to run the online group 'The Neurodiverse Media Community'.


Zoe-Jane Littewood

Aubilities welcomes Zoe on our Co-Production Board.

Zoe is a passionate advocate for dyslexia awareness and inclusivity. As a proud dyslexic, she is dedicated to breaking down barriers and fostering understanding about what dyslexia truly is. Zoe serves as a volunteer on the Cultural Perspective Committee at the British Dyslexic Association, where she looks at dyslexia from a young person's point of view. Through public speaking engagements and workshops, she provides valuable insights and practical tools to empower individuals and organizations in embracing dyslexia. Zoe firmly believes in the power of sharing stories and experiences to drive positive change in the community.


Thomas Henley

Aubilities welcomes Thomas Henley to our Co-Production Board.

Thomas, autistic, runs a top 3% podcast ‘Thoughty Auti Podcast’, all about Autism & Mental Health - independently presented, edited and promoted by Thomas.

Thomas is also a Public Speaker, Commonwealth/British champion in Taekwondo, Biomedical Sciences (Hons) graduate from UoM, Neurodiverse Model, documentary creator of ‘Aspergers In Society’ & ambassador for Anna Kennedy OBE & Born Anxious.

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