Making the invisible, visible.

Our vision is to help organisations optimise their people, by using neurodivergence to increase value, whilst providing the neurodivergent community with meaningful and supported employment.

Our vision is to help organisations optimise their people, by using autistic neurodivergence to increase value, whilst providing the autistic community with meaningful employment.

We deliver on our vision through our mission, to:


Raise awareness

of neurodiversity and how to support both neurodivergent people and organisations.

Build Acceptance1

Build acceptance

for the neurodivergent by enabling organisations to make improvements and become more inclusive.

Promote diversity1

Promote diversity

by enabling organisations to become a truly differentiated workforce and increase value.



Neurodiversity Network Lead

Virgin Media O2

“We are proud to align our network with Aubilties, a business that truly understands the nuances of Autism – recognising the variables of the spectrum whilst celebrating the unique successes a neurodiverse mind brings to the workplace. The team were sensitive and proactive to our requests and worked in collaboration with our network. We would highly recommend Aubilties to businesses seeking to improve understanding of neurodiversity within a professional organisation.”


Head of Inclusion & Diversity

Colt Technology Services

“Aubilities took the time to really listen and understand where we are along our journey and our goals, so that we could create a bespoke awareness session around neurodiversity as part of our programme. Ritu is undoubtedly an expert in the field but it is her empathy that makes her stand out and her ability to tailor her approach.”


Global Channels & Alliances Director


“We would highly recommend Aubilities to any organization considering making neurodiversity, specifically autism, part of their D&I strategy. The organisation are professional, subject matter experts and personable to work with. They have deep expertise in the area.”

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Diversity & Inclusion Lead


"Aubilities joined the Concirrus team recently for a talk on neurodiversity in the workplace. The key message our team took away is that building awareness around neurodiversity within the workplace is extremely important not only when creating an inclusive culture but when retaining diversity. We will definitely be inviting the team at Aubilities back soon!"

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Diversity & Inclusion Lead


"It has been a pleasure to work with Aubilities. They have been very proactive, professional, and clearly passionate about their mission to raise awareness of and end the stigma around neurodiversity. We are happy to recommend Aubilities to any company looking to further their understanding of how they can improve their support for neurodivergent employees. The training content Aubilities provided are both engaging and highly informative, making them accessible to anyone who is interested in learning more about neurodiversity."

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