“Normal people think we're highly dependent and can't live without ongoing support, but in fact there are times when we're stoic heroes.”

– Naoki Higashuda, International Best Selling Author and on the autistic spectrum

We offer specialized, bite-sized digital training content.

We offer specialized, bite-sized digital training content.

Our digital content consists of our most popular ‘core’ modules available to all organisations looking to raise awareness of autism, as well as more specialized content aimed for particular industries, such as retail, office roles, public bodies and sectors. Benefits of digital content include consistency across the employee population, accessible 24/7 from any location, revisiting as and when needed, and reporting to monitor and track engagement.

Our instructor-led training (ILT) sessions (in-person or virtual) are bespoke, made uniquely considering a variety of factors, such as an organization’s objectives, content to be covered, call to actions etc. These ILT sessions are useful when launching a neurodiversity program or to make a lasting impression to start or continue the neurodiversity change and implementation.

Sample modules include:


Autism Awareness


Autism & Mental Health


Supporting Autism


Managing Autism on your Team


Your Autistic Colleague


Recruiting Neurodivergent Talent


Interviewing Neurodivergent Talent


Benefits of Hiring Neurodivergent Talent


Your Autistic Customer


Autism in a Retail team

…And many more!

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