“The world needs all kind of minds”

– Dr. Temple Grandin, Scientist, Advocate of Autism & Neurodiversity and on the autistic spectrum

Our Services

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We help organisations better understand their neurodivergent people as individuals as well as their organisational neurodiversity maturity. This helps to move the dial in individual and organisational neurodivergence acceptance and inclusivity.


We help profile neurodivergent people to better understand their individual strengths, which helps managers to harness the strengths and position them for the most appropriate work and adjustments.


We have designed and developed a Neurodivergent Maturity Assessment (NMA) tool. The tool covers a series of questions targeted at different teams within the organisation. The responses form quantitative and qualitative answers, which are amalgamated into a report and shared with the organisation to help identify areas of strength and areas for improvement. Once the report has been issued, we can work with the organisation to implement identified and recommended improvements, against a clear set of deliverables and, where appropriate, metrics to ensure we can visibly report on increased value and positive change.

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